About the Author

web page picAnimal advocate Debbie McFee currently lives in Hampton, Virginia. She has rescued and found forever homes for over 150 cats and dogs. She loves all animals, but finds elephants especially intriguing due to their intelligence, complex social structure, and gentle, loving ways. After researching elephants for several years, including a trip to Africa to observe them in their natural habitat, she wrote “Through the Eyes of Ernest” to raise awareness about the plight of captive elephants.

An English major and former high school English teacher, Ms. McFee has always wanted to write a book. With “Through the Eyes of Ernest”, she gives a voice to the elephants who cannot speak for themselves.

“Through the Eyes of Ernest: A Memoir to Honor Elephants” tells the story from Ernest the elephant’s point of view about life in captivity. Readers enter Ernest’s world, meet his friends and family, and learn what it feels like to live apart from one’s own family in confinement.

She dedicates her free time raising awareness about the elephant’s plight and 100% of the proceeds from the sales of her book go to elephant sanctuaries all over the world.

She hopes Ernest’s story will inspire people to help elephants live in their natural habitats.

“There is something very special about elephants,” she says. “They are all about family…They are capable of love. They forgive. They live their lives and have no enemies in the wild. Their number one enemy is man. I want to do something to help them before it is too late. It will be man’s biggest tragedy to lose such a magnificent and majestic being. If you want to protect an endangered species, you must protect their habitat.”

A somber but ultimately hopeful tale told from an elephant’s point of view, Through the Eyes of Ernest, asks us to consider why we keep such intelligent, social animals in captivity.

Through the Eyes of Ernest – Signed Copy by Author – $15.99