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Throughout history, story-telling has played a major role in transforming attitudes and consciousness. Story-telling fosters community cohesion, unity, awareness, compassion and most importantly, lays the foundation for developing morals, ethics and spiritual values. Today, most story telling is through the written word.

Elephant advocate Debbie McFee has written an important book “Through the Eyes of Ernest” to raise awareness of issues surrounding elephants in captivity and to help fan the flames of change for elephants in the entertainment industry.

“Under the bright lights, elephants perform tricks for excited humans that never wonder what happens to these massive animals after the show ends. Ernest knows!”

Please share and support this creative and soulful work by Debbie. All proceeds from “Through the Eyes of Ernest” go to the elephants! As Debbie emphasizes, “No human can profit off of Ernest’s story. Only the elephants can profit from it.”

A fantastic gift for you and for children this Christmas. amazon

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Elephant Advocacy

Elephant's Advocacy