J. Lister

This book is a well written, emotional, sad, insight into just what and how elephants can think and feel in captivity.

The author certainly understands the behavior of elephants sufficiently to describe events the way elephants probably see them when kept in captivity against their will. We [humans] are animals too. What makes us any different to the likes of elephants who are known to be sentient beings? Why should they not feel in the same way as we [humans] feel?

The author highlights the terrors and physical abuse that elephants in captivity face every day from their all to often cruel captors. What they may dream of, how they get through each day, the hopes and fears of wonderful creatures whom we do not credit with being anything other than commodities for human entertainment. Also showing the joy of meeting old friends and their reunions.

This book hopefully will turn the tide of our understanding of how cruel we [humans] can be without cause to such gentle, loving, sentient animals that naturally live in social herds and definitely not alone. I believe this book should be read by people of all ages; starting in early teens in the hope that our barbaric treatment of such animals finally be brought to an end.

J. Lister

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