S. Peterson

Through the Eyes of Ernest is a perfectly written tale of what these magnificent creatures go through while in captivity. Ernest tells his story as well as the life stories of his many friends and illustrates the social community that elephants naturally desire and need. This is a phenomenal read for all animal lovers, and for non animal lovers to learn from. Elephants deserve respect that is not naturally given to them by all humans. Absolutely worth the purchase as proceeds go to elephants.


This book should be read by everyone interested in our relationships with other animals. It tells a story of elephants, exposing the tragedy of how humans interact with these magnificent creatures. She also shows how we can help them. McFee is a good writer with an interesting and compelling tale. Bravo!

N Cocuzzi

If your heart is open to the gentleness of animals and their tragic intersection with humanity, Ernest is the elephant to tell you his story. He met tragedy, pain and sorrow at the hands of human keepers. But Ernest and his friend Maggie share the joy and triumph of freedom from their chains at the benevolent, loving hands of human saviors. From brutal mindless captivity to the blissful paradise they found, their story will enlighten and move you. I understand that all proceeds from this book go straight to support compassionate care for elephant preserves. No more captivity for these gentle creatures. This book belongs in every library everywhere.

Wendy Bell

I didn’t know what to expect when my friend gave me a book about elephants. I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Ernest and his friends are bigger than life and I found myself instantly caring about what happens to them. Ernest taught me a lot about the ways of elephants and now I question why we humans treat them the way we do. A must read for ALL animal lovers! You will laugh and cry and find yourself rooting for the elephants!

Barbara Taylor

Maybe you’re like me and have gone your whole life thinking that elephants live a charmed and pampered life in zoos and at the circus. Like me, you’d be dead wrong. This is a sweetly told story of the horrifying and tragic mistreatment of elephants seized in the wild and forced to live in the most inhumane conditions, many in the zoos that we find so amusing to visit. Ms McFee captures the heart and soul of Ernest and his friends in a way that makes it hard to look away from their desperate lives.

Megan Brannan

This story will grab you and take you places you never thought possible. Ernest is a loveable character who seems so real he stands up on the pages. A must read for all animal lovers!

Jen Samuel

What a wonderful tale honoring elephants. Thank you Debbie McFee for your words of wisdom!

Elephant’s Advocacy


Throughout history, story-telling has played a major role in transforming attitudes and consciousness. Story-telling fosters community cohesion, unity, awareness, compassion and most importantly, lays the foundation for developing morals, ethics and spiritual values. Today, most story telling is through the written word.

Elephant advocate Debbie McFee has written an important book “Through the Eyes of Ernest” to raise awareness of issues surrounding elephants in captivity and to help fan the flames of change for elephants in the entertainment industry.

“Under the bright lights, elephants perform tricks for excited humans that never wonder what happens to these massive animals after the show ends. Ernest knows!”

Please share and support this creative and soulful work by Debbie. All proceeds from “Through the Eyes of Ernest” go to the elephants! As Debbie emphasizes, “No human can profit off of Ernest’s story. Only the elephants can profit from it.”

A fantastic gift for you and for children this Christmas. amazon

Thank you,
Elephant Advocacy

J. Lister

This book is a well written, emotional, sad, insight into just what and how elephants can think and feel in captivity.

The author certainly understands the behavior of elephants sufficiently to describe events the way elephants probably see them when kept in captivity against their will. We [humans] are animals too. What makes us any different to the likes of elephants who are known to be sentient beings? Why should they not feel in the same way as we [humans] feel?

The author highlights the terrors and physical abuse that elephants in captivity face every day from their all to often cruel captors. What they may dream of, how they get through each day, the hopes and fears of wonderful creatures whom we do not credit with being anything other than commodities for human entertainment. Also showing the joy of meeting old friends and their reunions.

This book hopefully will turn the tide of our understanding of how cruel we [humans] can be without cause to such gentle, loving, sentient animals that naturally live in social herds and definitely not alone. I believe this book should be read by people of all ages; starting in early teens in the hope that our barbaric treatment of such animals finally be brought to an end.

Julie Farrell

Though a work of fiction, this story rings true. Through a first person (elephant) narrative, the author brings to light the cruelty and abuse these glorious animals can suffer, and showcases ways in which a reader can assist them in real life. An easy read worthy of passing around.

Awesome, touching story! A must read!